The First Step of a Long but Hopefully Rewarding Journey

I’ve wondered for years why Indian cities are so dysfunctional. As a big believer in the power of competition to lower prices and increase service quality, I realized it was because the city governments had no incentive to do any better. There was no competition! I wondered how I could introduce some competition between the cities to improve service quality while lowering costs. Many of initial ideas, ended up being not possible because it always depended on the citizens and government changing behavior while new plans were put in place. That is like trying to change a flat tire while you’re still riding your bike!

It was then that I realized that I would have to control everything in order to build and run the kind of city I imagined. It was an intimidating thought! I broke it down into smaller pieces and began researching each piece to see what was possible. Bit by bit my city plan began to come into focus My research tells me it’s possible, so now it’s up to us to bring the research to the next level so that we can bring the plan to life.

I will use this blog to talk about the research I’ve done, my ideas, our gaps and see how we can move the plan forward. I welcome anyone who is interested in talking about, commenting about or advising about the next generation of cities. How they should be built, how people will get around and how they will interact with their government.

By being as public as possible, I hope to allow other dreamers to take what we are doing and improve on it or customize so that cheap smart cities are built all over the world.

I hope you enjoy the journey. Let’s see where it takes us.

PS Besides volunteering, the best way you can support us is to click the Amazon affiliate link I will provide with each post. Each post I will select an Indian related product and provide the link for it. By clicking the link and purchasing that product or another product on Amazon, we will receive a small percentage. That money will go towards funding our initial research to make this happen. Thanks for supporting us!

Here is the first product with a link. It’s a face scrubbing product. As we grow older, who can’t use a little help, right? It’s using tumeric and other spices like they do in India.

Please use the link to buy products from Amazon to support us. It cost you nothing 🙂





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