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So, one of the most basic, but still important functions of any government is the removal for effluents. This is basically what goes down your toilet. Too much of India fails this test. Many government officials simply give up before investigating under the mistaken belief that building toilets for everyone in India isn’t possible. This is a defeatist attitude that I despise. We can do more and we should do more. Now on to my blog post.

So effluents need to be removed. For decades, effluent removal, such as seen in the western countries cost hundreds of millions of dollars or more to serve a small city. Thanks to technology and innovative thinking, there is now a self-contained sewage treatment plant available for $1.5 million installed which can service 100,000- 200,000 people. It is called the Janicki Omniprocessor.

The link is: http://www.janickibioenergy.com/

This amazing plant, for such a small price is valuable in multiple ways. Please note that my comments apply to the newest model, the S200 whose price may or may not be $1.5 million like the original model.

One of the best qualities of the unit is the fact that it can take all kinds of organic inputs including, of course, fecal sludge. It provides some flexibility in usage. In a cost constrained environment such as ours, flexibility is a plus.

The unit requires 50-60 tons of wet waste (10-12 tons of dry waste) per day. The website claims that low moisture content material can be processed with some adjustments. Additional equipment can also be added process greywater. Greywater, for those who don’t know, is the water that goes down the sinks or tubs. Again, flexibility makes this unit useful. I will be inquiring about the unit at some point and the greywater connection is an important consideration. Otherwise, we would have to build that separately.

Water is produced as a byproduct of the process. Assuming water production is a priority, when processing 55 wet tons at 20% solids, the unit produces approximately ~11,500 gallons of clean, distilled and pathogen-free non-potable water per day. With the addition of a water purification unit, we can take this water to WHO and EPA potable drinking water standards.

Another byproduct of the treatment process is electricity. About 250KW of electricity is produced by the unit which can be scaled up, according to the company.

We plan on using both byproducts in our urban farms. I plan to locate these farms in close proximity to the treament unit (See my next post for more plans about our urban farms). B grade water (non potable) and electricity will be used to grow commonly eaten vegetables such as Okra.

A unit is currently being tested in Africa and results are promising. It is not currently clear how long the wait for an order to be filled, but the website does say that installation takes 4 – 6 weeks with shipping from Seattle weeks more. I don’t see it could be any less than 6 months from order to installed. It could easily be months more so we need to plan accordingly.

Adding the greywater treatment with the cost of the original unit could make the total $2.5 million or more. We need to be aware of that. That does not include developing the site so the unit can be installed or the cost of trenching, laying pipe, etc. An engineer could help us pinpoint how to do this correctly at the lowest possible cost.

Luckily, the unit requires very little labor meaning low operational costs.

One final thought. Since I want the land to be visually clean to the extent possible, I am planning on putting this unit (and all future units) underground. Above ground could be made into a park or any number of other facilities.

These are my initial thoughts about how to treat fecal sludge for the new city. It is a basic requirement of any city that is not being fulfilled in most Indian cities. It will work in ours.

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