The New City – A High Level View

Let’s take a step back and look at what we are trying to do and how. A use case has been established based on the non-functioning of current cities in India. We know we don’t want to build a giant gated suburb. The city must be secured at all entry points to ensure control over flow.


As far as infrastructure goes, there is a sewage treatment plant that we can purchase (including greywater treatment) for perhaps $2.5 million that will serve 100,000 – 200,000 people. We haven’t discussed power sources (still coming) or water sources (still coming).


Burying the roads underground will be more visually appealing as that space can be turned into greenery or rec areas. Additionally, pushing the traffic below the city reduces noise. The road network will be discussed in greater detail in a later post.


The buildings as I refer to them, will be architecturally unique. No more glass boxes, thank god. That makes no sense in India (or any tropical climate for that matter). Our buildings are barely recognizable as such. They are basically steel beams fashioned into simple organic shapes. For example, the beams could be fashioned into the imitation of a certain plant. Why not a typical square building? Because they are more expensive! Think of the exterior and interior materials necessary to make that square building function. Using just the architectural beams and minimal piping I am hoping to dramatically lower the costs of each these “buildings”. Each customer could decide how much or how little of the building should be covered. Commercial buildings may want to be more covered ie traditional whereas residential buildings may be more minimalistic. Either way, it will be visually stunning. Pods purchased by end users will be added to structure as appropriate. Look for posts on these buildings and of course, some images in the future.


Greenery is also an important consideration. We intend for at least 25-30% of the land to be greenery. The city as a whole will be divided into sections. The plan is to start with 8 and go up from there. Each section will be separated from any other section by greenery or water. Not tiny parks like New York city but significant visual breaks. This will provide each section of about 50,000 people a healthy divide so it feels like a town rather than a concrete jungle.


So those were some of my thoughts on the building. I will be assembling an informal board of advisors as there has been interest in helping us. More details to follow. I hope you are following what I am talking about. If it seems a bit random, I apologize! It’s the ADHD. Stick with me and you’ll understand. Later, I will be dividing our plan into phases which will be more understandable. Thanks!

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