Securing the New City

So, apologies for my delay in posting. Life gets in the way sometimes. I had to move out of my apartment. I’ve always moved myself, just part of my independent streak, but this will definitely be the last time. The move took far longer and really took it out of me. My whole body aches so movers will definitely be in my future. Anyway, planning for the city never stops, not even for me. Let’s discuss security planning.


City residents need to know that they and their family members will be secure in the city. Our belief is that cities of the future will need to control access. This is particularly important in a country like India. If a property owner does not secure his property, then people can move onto it and tie up development for possibly years. By gating the city and controlling who can come in/remain, the city ensures the security of its residents. Whether coming in by walking, vehicle or hyperloop, residents must go through a security screening process. The security process integrity will be ensured with the police and technology.The design of the gate for the city is to be determined, although a temporary one will be necessary at the beginning.

We should also make sure to own significant property outside the gate to ensure others can’t build right against the gate.  We will however build a small town (to be discussed later) outside the gates where people from lower tiers of our concierge system (to be discussed later) can get exposure to the city until they are ready to move in.


Privacy expectations in India are far less than in the West. They would be willing to trade away some privacy in exchange for more security. In the city, residents and visitors must wear bracelets which will identify them and their location. This ensures security knows everyone who is in the city has the right to be there. Additionally, this will enable real-time tracking of all children. Data will be maintained for only thirty days to ensure privacy concerns are met. These bracelets can also be used to pay for goods and services in the city. The bracelet will have to be developed from scratch but cost must remain minimal.


Security is a key requirement for the achievement of any new city. The summary of the above discussion is that we need to build for local conditions. Some amount of chaos provides a flavor of India, but too much can import factors we don’t want into the city. The gates and know city residents technology are useful pieces of the puzzle in helping us to achieve that.

Next post, we’ll discuss the natural gas plant.

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