Energy Generation

Energy in the new city is a must. Duh, right? In India, nothing can be taken for granted. I’ve had far too many sweaty nights in India praying for the fan to turn on. I spoke to my uncle about who is an engineer and he recommended that I look at natural gas plants as a solid option. We both agreed that so-called clean technologies such as solar, wind, etc were still too expensive for the energy they produced. Someday, energy, like everything else will be produced at the household level, but the technology is quite there yet. So natural gas plant it is, right?

There’s a problem! Even at the low-end of industry experts, the estimated cost to build a natural gas plant is nearly $700 per Kilowatt hour. For our targeted 25 Megawatt plant, that total cost would be over $17 million. Given that we are a new entity which is capital constrained, that is a shockingly large number. Yes, we planned on issuing securities to fund infrastructure development (to be discussed later). That amount, however, is too large to issue for us. So, what to do?

One option we have come up with is to simply ask the Janicki Omniprocessor guys to add the ability to produce more electricity. It already produces 5 Megawatts of energy as an output from its base version. That amount of energy would be sufficient to provide electricity for around 10-12,000 households (or 25,000 people). That is assuming around 200 Kilowatts of energy use per month per household. Increasing the output to 10 Megawatts or even 20 Megawatts, even if it cost another $1M per 5 Megawatt increase would be far more cost-effective. Since the city will be divided into neighborhoods of 30-40,000 people separated by greenery, a single unit could service the raw sewage of up to 200,000 (4 neighborhoods) and provide electricity to much of those neighborhoods as well. We can also incorporate methane gas capture from the sewage to add in even more energy production.

Specifics, as far as what is technically possible and the additional cost for such enhancements will have to be learned through discussions with Janicki Bioenergy. Still, this seems more reasonable than trying to fund and build a $17M plant. No more sweaty nights in India waiting for the power to come back on!

Of course, I must not forget the highlighted product so that you good folks can support us 😉

A cool looking tapestry for you cool folks out there. Thanks for the support!







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