High Level View of Pre-Phases

Tonight will be a quick one as I’m pretty buried, but I thought this post would be a good time to highlight what items are on our various pre-phase checklists.

Before there can be building there are numerous steps that must be completed. These are what we call pre-phase elements. Pre-phase one is obviously the first element and that is what we will discuss in this post. This is just my first stab at it. I’m sure there will be revisions/additions/subtractions, etc. You’ll note that there no time estimates for each task. We aren’t comfortable yet making those kinds of guesses. At some point though, we’ll have to make those estimates.

Pre-Phase 1

Start documenting ideas on a blog to build an audience (Check :-))

Bring in money from supporters using Amazon link (ongoing)

Build email list

Research land options

Create logo/flag

Add more team members (volunteers)

Create an informal board

Need to have someone, whether it is a volunteer or contractor draw some of the buildings that we have thought up. Additionally, engineers need to sign off on the designs so we know the structures can be supported. ($$)

Pre-Phase 2

Hire company in the UK to generically design the first part of the city ($$$)

Formalize city business structure

Create website

Create group to purchase target land

Create design for crowdfunding campaign

Purchase land

Fence off land and hire initial employees to monitor property

Launch crowdfunding campaign

Finalize initial city design

Finalize initial building designs

Pre-Phase 3

Purchase initial construction equipment ($$$$)

Order Janicki Omniprocessor for raw sewage treatment ($$$$$)

To Be Determined………

As you can see, we are still very early on this project but it only gets more exciting from here. Additionally, I am sure I missed things. I will update this list periodically as changes become necessary.

Did we miss something obvious? Send us a message.

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Don’t forget we need the support. Tell your friends! Thanks.


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