The Big D

So, I made it to Dallas in one piece, mostly. What’s next for the smart city you might wonder? Well, first let’s recap what we’ve already discussed:

Motorized vehicles will be using underground tunnels

  • we can piggyback on 60 year old Disney technology and customize the software to suit our needs which will keep costs low

New innovative technology will be used for sewage treatment

  • A plant that costs only $1.5M and produces water and electricity as outputs

Budget allocation for corruption

  • Kiss 10-15% of budget good to no good crooks

Ultra low cost housing

  • targeting a sale price of $3,500 per base unit which is suitable for a single income household of $125 per month

Crowdfunding money by selling naming rights

  • Selling naming rights of streets, buildings, etc starting from $25,000

Energy generation can come from sewage treatment

  • Would like to get upwards of 25MW/hour from each plant (Assume 250KW per household on average which would support roughly 3,000 households)

Securing the city with gates

  • Controlled access through a set number of entrances. Permission must be granted to enter

Self-driving cars within the city and our version of Hyperloop to go outside the city

Urban farming

  • Utilize water from sewage plants to raise plants to sell to restaurants and stores

Drinking water from rain or the air

  • $20,000 per unit to convert air to water (300 gallons per day)

These were all touched upon at a very high level. We still need to discuss the parks, the labor force, maintaining a quality citizenry, a justice system an educational system and more. They are forthcoming. Hang in there. Plenty more coming!

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