Parks, Trees and Lots of Green

As I’ve mentioned previously, I want to dedicate as much space as possible to greenery. I also want to import a small town feel to the larger city. This creates a dilemma for a city builder. How do you retain the small town feel that binds us together in a larger city.

our solution is simple and takes into consideration our need for enhanced greenery. The plan is to build small self contained units within the larger city of 25-30,000 people. Each unit will be separated by greenery/parks. Under the parks we will bury utilities and small sewage plants which can service multiple units. The plan is to start with eight units which will be reflected on our flag. The parks/greenery that separate units will be significant and not a narrow division. This visible division between units is mentally healthy for residents and creates the illusion that they are living in a town of 25,000 people instead of a much larger city.

Additionally, since most residential buildings will not have ground floor living which opens up the city visually and results in more greenery.

The target for greenery is 25-30%. This doesn’t include the greenery on buildings or on private property. It will also be done in an entirely unique way. What is not decided is whether there will be larger, more centralized parks for extra large gatherings.

We want to keep as much of the greenery space natural and not landscaped. It will feel more authentic and of course will be cheaper to maintain.

As far as athletic facilities, we should definitely include tennis courts, basketball courts and some open multi-use fields.

There was a lot of thoughts there and hopefully it made sense. Let me know in the comments! on we go!

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