Return on Your Time

We appreciate all of you reading the blog and staying on top of the city project but time is valuable so what do we want you take away from visiting? Well, we obviously get support from each one of you in multiple ways. The gain for you the reader is less clear. It may be interesting and you want to help build a better future for people in India. That is certainly rewarding. What I personally want you to get out of this beyond the specific project is to get rid of the constraints that other people put on you when they tell you something isn’t possible. Virtually no dream is impossible. It’s simple an opportunity for you to find a lot of ways that don’t work and hopefully one way that does. Remember Thomas Edison and his 10,000 failures at inventing the light bulb?

I expect setbacks, period failure in all of my projects but that won’t deter me and it shouldn’t deter you. Do as we are doing for the city by breaking very large projects into smaller and smaller tasks until those smaller tasks do seem doable. Complete the smaller tasks and connect them together and you will see your dream project come to life. It’s how we plan to succeed with our city idea. It’s how I want you to succeed with whatever projects you are dreaming of.

Don’t let anyone else tell you it’s impossible. Very little is impossible. You make that determination, not them.

okay, enough of my rant today. Get to work chasing your dreams and I would be honored if you copy anything you learn from here!

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