Quality Labor

Labor quality is a big issue in India. It helps us financially that labor is cheap (>$100 monthly for construction labor) but ensuring that we have labor producing at a high quality is a constant battle.

one way to stay on top of this is using lean methodology i.e. fewer labor resources more intensively. Since we’ll only have a minimum of employees, we can better focus on making sure those employees are trained properly and producing good work. No employee should be put to work unless they have satisfactorily gone through our training program.

The training programs we offer will vary by requirements. Right now, a module based training program makes sense to me. The first basic module is one all workers should have to take. It would include, dressing properly for work, being on time and such.  Then employees would be shuffled off to modules more tailored to their individual job. That could be driving a bulldozer, tending to our urban farms, parks, etc. Additionally, all workers must know how to read, write and do basic math calculations.

We can stay on top of our construction labor by using a quality assurance team to check all work at various checkpoints. By “tagging” electronically or physically all work, we can source an quality issues back to the team and worker. These will be logged and any patterns are brought to the attention of the team manager and individual worker.

Using this lean methodology means two things: 1) a lower cash burn rate each month 2) slower production. It’s a tradeoff with a capital constrained/capital intensive idea such as this requires.

I have to identify how our initial employees will be sourced. More on labor quality later.

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