Revamp Education

So, it’s been too long since I posted. Don’t worry, I never stop thinking about the city. This post let’s get real about learning. It’s better known as formal education here in the west. How are we going to train people for the variety of jobs that will be available.

You’ll have to forgive for using terminology from the US school system, but it’s easier for me to understand and explain.

For children in elementary, junior high and high school levels (grades 1-12) we cannot afford to do what is done in the west. The annual average money spent per student in these grades was $10,700. We have nothing even close to that to spend. Innovative strategies must be utilized.

What my initial thinking is that we will certain centralized buildings, perhaps libraries that will have dedicated spaces for students to come and study and work together. Additionally, they can make appointments with education facilitators for any help they need. Finally, any studying or work they complete will be done on a tablet which will be submitted through an app for their grade. A counselor will meet frequently with each student at least bi-weekly to monitor progress and see what can be done to help the student in any weak areas. They will also serve as the liaison to the parents.

Using recent college students or recent graduates as the facilitators will lower the cost. The structure described above will allow us to cut costs while still maintaining some quality control.

Not having to build tons of schools will save us big money. However the technology infrastructure will cost us quite a bit. I don’t have firm numbers yet.

The one good thing about the fact that schools in India are basically dysfunctional is that we can burn it down and start over with minimal resistance. Imagine trying to do that in the US with so many vested interests like unions.

Anyway, that’s my education idea for the kids. The next post will be education part II which will spell out learning beyond high school. See you then!

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