Education for Adults

We have shown in the previous post how we can produce solid student outcomes at a low per  pupil cost. After the students finish the equivalent of high school, then what? Or what happens when an older worker is laid off due to a declining industry? We have seen in other countries that it has devastated local economies.

My solution is to offer adult education which is restructured. Again, we don’t have the money of the West so we have to cut costs wherever we can. This is how we can do it.

Training is offered in what we call modules. This is typically a series of 2-8 courses whose length varies. When you complete a module, that module can be placed on your resume and you can market your new school for employment. You can take whatever modules suit your learning needs. If you wish to complete a more traditional Bachelors or Masters degree, then a series of modules are necessary. This is beneficial to learners because learning can be done quickly, so they can jump into the employment market.

In order to keep costs very low, have Professors video record lectures for classes which can be viewed online. Students interact primarily with Graduate students who are the teacher’s assistants although the professor can be contacted. Graduate students work more closely with their professors to learn their specified field. This leaves professors plenty of time to work on ideas that can be licensed by the school for revenue.

This way for example, you can view lectures about physics and then go to the lab work with your TA and complete any assignments and ask any questions.

It allows us to take in more students with fewer facilities because most of their studying doesn’t have to be on campus. This will save us tons of money initially.

Game on!




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