Privacy and Data Auctions

So recently while reading another blogger’s post about the downsides of so called smart cities, an idea occurred to me. One of his concerns was the lack of privacy for citizens. While I agree to a certain extent that cities must be careful not to collect too much data on citizens and retain it for too long, some data collection is necessary and useful. It quantifies how the city is performing and citizens can see quickly if we are moving ahead or falling behind.

I posted a comment about this on his blog and it seemed well received. This is when the idea occurred to me.

The data that is collected can be offered at a unit level (unit=25,000 people) to businesses. This will offer private companies insight into consumers while the money brought in can be used to greatly reduce or even eliminate income taxes. Citizens can also select the option of not participating and pay higher taxes. We would never sell data of any individual or allow individual behaviors to be identified. Additionally, we would vary the types of data provided so even the unit level data set is not complete.

As a conservative/libertarian I detest taxes of any kind. Therefore I will do my utmost to eliminate or keep taxes as low as possible. This seems like one avenue worth exploring.

Rough estimates indicate that half of required spending could come from data auctions like I’ve described above.

Remember: western notions of privacy don’t apply 😜

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