Concierge at Your Service

Like all societies Indian society is stratified with a tiny slice doing well and a big chunk doing only ok and finally a struggling chunk at the bottom. Given its size though, any piece of the population accounts for millions of people. These slices or chunks also various attributes which to some degree will find their way to the new city. Good attributes we can build upon while other attributes we must eliminate or mitigate.

The face of the city to residents or prospective residents will be our concierges. These are employees of the city who manage the residents relations with the city. Each resident is assigned a grade level which allows them privileges. The higher the grade level, the more freedoms the resident has. Additionally, based on things the resident does while in the city they can earn points (or have points removed) which can graduate them up (or down) in grade levels. Let’s say there are five levels (Grades I-V). A young man is moving into the city with a middle class background with only a high school degree completed. This information will be garnered from his application. He has a tentative job offer to work in a maintenance position. Once he submits his application a concierge team of five people was assigned to him and reviewed his application to determine a grade level. In this case, he is assigned grade level IV.

He will work with his concierge team as a resident on a regular basis to ensure he isn’t getting into trouble (results in minus points) and he is doing things to earn points (upgrade skills, volunteer, etc). The concierge is the face of the city for any resident. Its the go to person for questions. Each team will be assigned a number of residents to work with and their goal is to help each resident move up grades or at least not move down.

This is my current thinking on how we can make sure that residents are staying on track and staying out of trouble. What do you think?

Of course, the devil is in the details. This will need more fleshing out.


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