A Crazy Idea?

I’ve definitely had times when I’ve questioned my sanity thinking and working an idea like this. It’s outrageous. It’s actually insane. What right do I have to think I can build a city from scratch?

I’ve been going through that kind of thinking of late. I have no right, I guess is the answer but if there is any chance I could bring it to some level of success, I do have an obligation. The question is can I at least bring it to a minimum level of success? From my research, I believe the answer has to be yes. Hopefully, you also see the possibility.

That being the case, there is no point in stopping or doubting. All we can do is keep going, keep learning and keep moving forward. I will take what we’ve learned so far and try to learn and refine those issues to produce more specific plans.

Buckle up. It’s about to get specific and serious 🙂




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