It’s Getting Real

My cousin is in India this month looking for land in a couple of places that I asked him to check out. Considerations include location; not too close to an existing city, cost, build ability, water and other miscellaneous concerns.

In the meantime, the various components of the city have been spelled out. It’s now time to get serious about specifications meaning our requirements for each component and how to get to where we need.

That means talking to civil engineers, construction folks, the sewage plant company and many more. It’s getting real shortly folks. However, my cousin needs to have validated the land portion of the idea and we need to add to the specificity of the components. That’s the goal for the coming weeks. It doesn’t have to be at the engineer level of specific, but if we can get a better idea of what is required for each component, in terms of cost (materials+labor) then we are setting ourselves up for success down the road.

Before we can do all that, we need to make the idea a bit more credible. Assembling a small board of directors and the actual company which temporarily will fall under the ManLion, LLC entity. Later it will be it’s own entity. Something like ManLion Construction, LLC. I assume in India that will become ManLion Construction, LTD or ManLion, LTD or even NaraSimha, LTD 🙂

So let’s get back to zeroing in on the requirements for each of the major components. We’re basically planning our roadmap for success going forward. Before it was hypothetical. Now it will be planning for a real project. How do you like that?






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