Realer Than Real

We’ve covered a fair amount of information, but it’s all been at a high level. It’s time to start researching more of each idea for the city and documenting requirements in labor, materials, etc for each. Doesn’t have to be the final word. Just increase the specificity as we are getting ready to build at some point. Let’s also think about how to answer some very important questions.

For example how can we leverage existing technology in new and innovative ways? As an example, we want to have self driving cars using the tunnels but the technology is still in its early stages and quite expensive. How can we fulfill our need of self driving cars with the limitations of technology and budget. Simple! Let’s take a look at ‘good enough’ established technology. In this case, let’s take a look at Disney’s automated car system which rides on a single track and makes stops at select locations. Can we build a cheap version of that which is more sophisticated so it can skip unnecessary stops? Perhaps, but more research will be necessary to establish that.

Going forward, my goal is to be as specific as possible and the city starts to feel more real 🙂 Let’s go!


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