Equipment List

The big picture has been assembled (kind of) so now more posts will get a bit more granular. This post will start to look at what equipment we must have to begin the project. This is an important consideration since with this project particularly, capital constraints drive everything.

The plan, at least in my head has been to consider starting with around one hundred employees. This includes administration, security and construction. This is the definition of a lean startup. Hopefully, this will limit our equipment needs, at least at the start. The list below contains the piece of equipment, quantity, purpose and cost ( with a rough consideration given to needs. Specifications will be better defined later.

  • Large crane(s), two, to lift prebuilt walls, etc into position, $65,000×2=$130,000
  • Bulldozer(s), three, to push dirt around, $100,000×3=$300,000
  • ATVs, eight, get around large construction site, $1,000×8=$8,000
  • Trucks, four, transport items, $40,000×4=$160,000
  • Forklifts, two, move around inventory, $20,000×2=$40,000
  • Tools, many, to do work, $1,000×80=$80,000

I’m sure I’ve missed things but I’ve got a general idea of what we’ll need. More will be added later, particularly as we get a better idea of where to start. Pricing may vary depending on how good a negotiator I am 🙂

I threw out my back, hence the radio silence of late and apologize for that. I will do a better job going forward on posting, pain or no pain. As an FYI, I am turning these posts into a more expansive book about ‘Startup City’ so you can look for that later this year. More later!


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