Volunteer Hours

One of things I’ve noticed living in the West is that people here try to buy everything. People to take care of their lawn, people to take care of their kids, people to take care of their vehicles. They’ve lost something special from doing it themselves and being connected to those things.

For example, residents of towns or villages in the old days used to band together to take care of their community. Today city employees do that. The employees do it for money whereas community residents did it out of love for their community. People are disconnected from their communities so they will throw trash, urinate or any number of other things because ‘someone else will take care of it’.

I want people to be connected to the city and feel invested in it. One way that I am playing with is to force all residents to volunteer 2-3 hours each week to the city for any number of activities such as taking care of greenery, picking up trashing, etc. This will keep people invested, lower the financial burden on the city and keep the city beautiful.

Details on such a program are in flux but the broad outlines are there. I’ll put it on the list to be looked at in greater detail later.


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