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I’ve mentioned previously, but in order for us to succeed we must spell out everything possible ahead of time. We must minimize on the spot thinking. This will reduce our overall risk profile.

I’m being reminded of this as I go through the business plan for the city. It’s not enough, for example, to know that you are going to run lean like a technology startup. It’s not enough to know that half your initial labor force will be actual construction and the rest will be support. Our business plan is estimating 100 initial workers with 48 being in construction. I also spell out that construction workers will be divided into six teams of eight. I still need to go further. How often will they be paid. Construction labor is generally unskilled in India and I mean unskilled. I will need to train up these unskilled workers to our standards. For example, no one should be on our work site who can’t read, write or do basic math. This is for basic safety.

Most construction workers in India would not meet that level of proficiency. How do we identify ones who might be worth hiring from others who won’t be motivated to learn it?

Do we do physicals for employees to gauge their health? Should we follow the letter and spirit of the laws in India even though no one else does? How do teach people about safety protocols even though no one else ever has?

The deeper I go in, the more questions arise. Better to ask them now and at least be aware of them even if an answer isn’t obvious than be surprised later.

I will be including much of the business plan and a bunch more content in a book about our project called ‘The Road to Startup City Vol One’ to be released later this year.


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