The First of Many Steps

I’ve just completed version one of the business plan for startup city. While I plan on making many ideas and features of the city open source later on, I’m not prepared to show this plan outside of a few supporters yet though.

Still, it’s a milestone for the project and one I’m proud of. I anticipate as I add, delete and update the business plan will get much bigger. As I’ve mentioned previously, it is incumbent upon me and other partners to spell out in painful details so that we can minimize freelancing.

What I’ve realized doing the business plan is that some revisions were already necessary. One item for example is what I call the Research and Analysis Division (RAD). Basically this is like DARPA in the US. DARPA is a defense organization that funds a lot of research. RAD for us will be more practical and less defense oriented. RAD will be responsible for developing the bracelets, working on our self-driving cars and more. Originally, I didn’t have this as a priority item but I realized after I worked on the business plan that some items such as the bracelet have to be developed before construction can begin. Employees, visitors, etc will all need to wear them so this is a useful realization.

My revised plan is to setup RAD before land is purchased. I can situate the team in an office in Vishakapatnam for the time being and they will be under pressure to deliver a lot in a short period of time. The project can’t move forward without them. My initial guess is a team of hardware and software people of about 4-6 people. Budget for the office and team is <$15,000 per month. The question is how to raise money for this part of the project before the project has even begun.

RAD is just an example of the revisions that are ongoing as I began spelling out plans in writing. Just because one milestone was met doesn’t mean we stop.



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