Our City is Getting a Name

My cousin came from Scotland for a visit recently. He and I sat down and went over the business as it is and some modifications were suggested. Obviously, at this stage nothing is set in stone. However, one thing is bothering me. I still call the city ‘Startup City’ because we don’t have a name.

I asked my cousin to do some historical research and dig up an easy to pronounce name that starts with ‘A’. I gave him until the end of July. We’ll see what he comes up with but I’m excited to hear our options!

On my side, I’ve promised to work on getting the design for the flag of the city done. Still some more work needed there, but it’s moving forward. Will be revealed later.

We also discussed how we need to start bringing in at least some small amounts of money. One option is to more aggressively push people to use our Amazon link. Another option we discussed was to print up t-shirts with our symbol and sell those as a way for people to support us.

We might do both, but we’ll see. More later!



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